Comic for 04-01-15

Like they say, start from a position of strength.

Comic for 04-03-15

Sometimes it’s better to come up with a cover story ahead of time.

Comic for 04-06-15

When it comes to innuendo, subtlety is sometimes overrated.

Comic for 04-08-15

Gifts are great for helping to move past all manner of awkward social situations.

Comic for 04-10-15

Sometimes the need for a change of topic approaches desperate.

Comic for 04-13-15

Gotta watch out for those long-forgotten coffee mugs.

Comic for 04-15-15

In the wrong hands, everything’s a multipurpose tool.

Comic for 04-17-15

It can be hard to find one’s audience.

Comic for 04-20-15

Both marvels in their own fashion.

Comic for 04-22-15

Not everyone should be the change they want to see.

Comic for 04-24-15

One man’s cultural relic is another man’s treasure.

Comic for 04-27-15

It’s better than being the opposite, which is pretty common.

Comic for 04-29-15

Even back then, people knew the value of marketing, if not hygiene.