Comic for 06-01-15

Not everyone is great at constructive criticism.

Comic for 06-03-15

Some offenses are particularly difficult to bear.

Comic for 06-05-15

It was bound to be a destination at some point.

Comic for 06-08-15

That’s how most fortunes seem to come about, at least.

Comic for 06-10-15

Soon to be a movie premise.

Comic for 06-12-15

Elles sont tres bonnes.

Comic for 06-15-15

Sometimes, kindness has consequences.

Comic for 06-17-15

It would certainly make for a curious alternate admission fee.

Comic for 06-19-15

Rare is the celebratory nickname.

Comic for 06-22-15

An efficient way of building character and upper body strength.

Comic for 06-24-15


Comic for 06-26-15

No plan survives first contact with boredom.

Comic for 06-29-15

Always a key component of any respectable space orchestra.