Comic for 07-01-15

When you make your own rules, it’s easy to break them.

Comic for 07-03-15

Things were easier, back in the day.

Comic for 07-06-15

It’s better to give than to receive, but receiving still ain’t half bad.

Comic for 07-08-15

Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves and pick a sweet soundtrack.

Comic for 07-10-15

The medium is the message.

Comic for 07-13-15

Always masticate responsibly.

Comic for 07-15-15

And some just make pancakes.

Comic for 07-17-15

As adjectives go, it does the job.

Comic for 07-20-15

Some days, swamp living has its appeal.

Comic for 07-22-15

Don’t ask what you don’t want to know.

Comic for 07-24-15

Heroes aren’t always big on manners.

Comic for 07-27-15

Nature’s harsh sometimes.

Comic for 07-29-15

That said, Dog isn’t exactly hard to please.

Comic for 07-31-15

Some days, I get to draw odd things.