Comic for 03-02-16

It’s not hiding, it’s curating.

Comic for 03-04-16

Sometimes you gotta shove the ones you love.

Comic for 03-07-16

There’s still glory in the attempt.

Comic for 03-09-16

Sometimes, it helps to take the long view.

Comic for 03-11-16

Not to be confused with “super complimentary,” that least intimidating of mutant powers.

Comic for 03-14-16

Duty calls.

Comic for 03-16-16

“Xylophone” would have been more helpful.

Comic for 03-18-16

Not everyone appreciates the majesty of the tuba.

Comic for 03-21-16

The life of an NPC can be rough.

Comic for 03-23-16

The puns must flow.

Comic for 03-25-16

Some things do not travel well.

Comic for 03-28-16

It’s generally best to let sleeping royals lie.

Comic for 03-30-16

Everyone reacts a little differently to stress.