Comic for 04-01-16

This is not going well.

Comic for 04-04-16

Rogue baker” would look great on a business card.

Comic for 04-06-16

One of life’s more peculiar sayings, really.

Comic for 04-08-16

It’s no picnic for the pudding-maker either.

Comic for 04-11-16

An ounce of prevention is worth a liter of cleaning product.

Comic for 04-13-16

Wry comments have a way of coming back to bite you.

Comic for 04-15-16

Everyone’s gotta start somewhere.

Comic for 04-18-16

Convenience often comes at a price.

Comic for 04-20-16

Quit your grousin’ and do some browsin’.

Comic for 04-22-16

It’s a very freeform sort of play.

Comic for 04-25-16

Maybe just a really melodramatic version of “play dead.”

Comic for 04-27-16

The latter do generally have more fun.

Comic for 04-29-16

Some people are pretty clothes-minded.