Comic for 05-02-16

Really, who among us wouldn’t?

Comic for 05-04-16

Believe the conspiracy.

Comic for 05-06-16

Gotta keep that overhead low somehow.

Comic for 05-09-16

Ain’t no party like a mandatory party, ’cause a mandatory party don’t stop.

Comic for 05-11-16

Both, no doubt, taste as good as they sound.

Comic for 05-13-16

It is pretty fancy.

Comic for 05-16-16

Perhaps they should give it a new name.

Comic for 05-18-16

Because sometimes swamps get chilly.

Comic for 05-20-16

A baker’s work is never done.

Comic for 05-23-16

Though effective, probably not the best means of conflict resolution.

Comic for 05-25-16

Not all experiences need sharing.

Comic for 05-27-16

Escaping a den of undead bakers is easy, compared to the surprise dinner invitation.

Comic for 05-30-16

Time for a little word association.