Comic for 06-01-16

In fairness, the world’s pretty weird these days.

Comic for 06-03-16

Menace, of course.

Comic for 06-06-16

My waiting spots are all stare-blankly-into-space spots.

Comic for 06-08-16

Vintage, of course.

Comic for 06-10-16

When in doubt, ask an expert.

Comic for 06-13-16

It was probably a little of both.

Comic for 06-15-16

It does sounds like something you might find in the YA section of the bookstore.

Comic for 06-17-16

We all measure success in different ways.

Comic for 06-20-16

And there might even be pommes frites.

Comic for 06-22-16

Everybody gets one.

Comic for 06-24-16

Always remember the Baker’s Code.

Comic for 06-27-16

Alternate title: “Bed, Cat, and a Blonde.”

Comic for 06-29-16

Cats gonna cat.