Comic for 09-02-16

There are certainly worse places to wait out bad weather.

Comic for 09-05-16

Probably one of the better uses for the stuff.

Comic for 09-07-16

To me, hook and worms do not a pleasant pastime make.

Comic for 09-09-16

They’re also great for instilling societal despair.

Comic for 09-12-16

Even kings can’t escape the occasional family gathering.

Comic for 09-14-16

I guess, really, there are whole careers built around making people buy stuff.

Comic for 09-16-16

Combine the two and you’ve got a dandy breakfast cereal/salad topping.

Comic for 09-19-16

I’m sure there’s a market for tranquility waffles.

Comic for 09-21-16

Well, I think they’re worthy causes.

Comic for 09-23-16

The invisible hand wears a fingerless glove.

Comic for 09-26-16

A rising tide lifts all boats.

Comic for 09-28-16

At least they agree on something.

Comic for 09-30-16

And worlds collide.