Comic for 10-03-16

Maybe on a biscuit

Comic for 10-05-16

I’m not sure that’s a good snack pairing.

Comic for 10-07-16

No shoes, no shirt, no service.

Comic for 10-10-16

Desperate times and all that.

Comic for 10-12-16

Those waffles really stick to the ribs.

Comic for 10-14-16

Though, maybe that’s the best of all options.

Comic for 10-17-16

And maybe go out for a walk, you know?

Comic for 10-19-16

Not to worry; I’m sure we’ll rally together to face the Great Machine Uprising.

Comic for 10-21-16

It has been a wearying year.

Comic for 10-24-16

Caffeine and strong opinions don’t always mix well, anyway.

Comic for 10-26-16

Though, I imagine those are pricey, too.

Comic for 10-28-16

Whether the pitchfork-wielders are pro- or anti-pumpkin, who knows?

Comic for 10-31-16

You gotta keep ’em separated.