Comic for 11-02-16

It does put one’s worries in perspective, at least.

Comic for 11-04-16

Sometimes, one’s artistic vision is a little askew.

Comic for 11-07-16

More of a vocation, really.

Comic for 11-09-16

A job by any other name

Comic for 11-11-16

The secret is, everyone is.

Comic for 11-14-16

A sandwich-provider in need is a friend indeed.

Comic for 11-16-16

Sometimes the ties that bind are golden and flaky.

Comic for 11-18-16

Never hurts to be prepared.

Comic for 11-21-16

Some days (months, years) leave you feeling more human than others.

Comic for 11-23-16

Manners matter, even with made-up maladies.

Comic for 11-25-16

At least she had imaginary insurance.

Comic for 11-28-16

“Mystery” is, perhaps, an overstatement.

Comic for 11-30-16

It’s more fun to leave room for surprises, anyhow.