Comic for 01-02-17

He’s just asking for, you know … reasons.

Comic for 01-04-17

Gotta look for those silver linings.

Comic for 01-06-17

You’ve got to encourage the young ‘uns.

Comic for 01-09-17

Some rules are pretty arbitrary, really.

Comic for 01-11-17

Majesty is in the eye of the beholder.

Comic for 01-13-17

Looks like someone’s figured out faster-than-light travel.

Comic for 01-16-17

Spajesty? Spamajesty? Whatever.

Comic for 01-18-17

In life, as in space, time is relative.

Comic for 01-20-17

In space, no one can take your steam.

Comic for 01-23-17

Just an estimate, mind you.

Comic for 01-25-17

Seriously, anything’s more interesting when you add “in space” to it.

Comic for 01-27-17

I mean, look at corgis.

Comic for 01-30-17

Some people call that meditating.