Comic for 02-01-17

That line was pretty long.

Comic for 02-03-17

Nothing wrong with sleeping under the stars.

Comic for 02-06-17

Highlights include: Pillars of Creation, Voyager 1, astronaut ice cream.

Comic for 02-08-17

Thinking about space can put things a little too in perspective, if you’re not careful.

Comic for 02-10-17

The doll’s pull is strong, if not exactly gravitational.

Comic for 02-13-17

Come to think of it, the star rating system would seem to fall a little short where observatories are concerned.

Comic for 02-15-17

Some things can’t stay secret forever.

Comic for 02-17-17

Words to live by.

Comic for 02-20-17

All good things

Comic for 02-22-17

Not everyone’s a fan of early morning excursions.

Comic for 02-24-17

Well, something awaits. Indigestion, most likely.

Comic for 02-27-17

Really, the “sister” qualifier is probably unnecessary.