Comic for 03-01-17

Incidentally, researching how railroads work will lead you down quite the rabbit hole.

Comic for 03-03-17

Parting is such sw– nah, it just sucks, usually.

Comic for 03-06-17

A few AU of distance can help put things in perspective.

Comic for 03-08-17

Train rides are pretty nice, actually.

Comic for 03-10-17

Oh, the perks of a living language.

Comic for 03-13-17

Sounds like a secret order that is perhaps best left that way.

Comic for 03-15-17

There’s a “holey” joke in there, somewhere.

Comic for 03-17-17

Picture some sort of inverted iceberg

Comic for 03-20-17

Everyone has an upper limit when it comes to enthusiasm.

Comic for 03-22-17

No doubt, some people might see either of those as win-win.

Comic for 03-24-17

If only all moral support were so portable.

Comic for 03-27-17

Accept no substitutes.

Comic for 03-29-17

OK, maybe accept some substitutes.

Comic for 03-31-17

“Fun retail” is something of an oxymoron.