Comic for 05-01-17

Most other people, though, probably would call it revenge.

Comic for 05-03-17

There should be a term for regularly-occurring events of an unpleasant nature. “Unholidays?”

Comic for 05-05-17

It’s sort of a legally-mandated silver lining.

Comic for 05-08-17

I feel that way about a lot of things, but it’s often not the case.

Comic for 05-10-17

Not that it couldn’t use a bump in air quality.

Comic for 05-12-17

Always aim for the least worst future.

Comic for 05-15-17

Except for memes, which have a somewhat lower exchange rate.

Comic for 05-17-17

Efficient doesn’t always mean ideal.

Comic for 05-19-17

Vicious attack or awkward attempt at making friends?

Comic for 05-22-17

The Soul selects her own Society; stuffed dolls, not so much.

Comic for 05-24-17

Technically correct is the most annoying kind of correct.

Comic for 05-26-17

Sometimes it’s OK to ignore the conventional wisdom regarding book covers.

Comic for 05-29-17

Someone clearly enjoys the occasional crafts fair.

Comic for 05-31-17

Everyone could use a little plant break, now and then.