Comic for 06-02-17

Exit, pursued by a … well, you know.

Comic for 06-05-17

It’s not escapism without a little escape velocity.

Comic for 06-07-17

Pretty sure that ferns will outlive us all.

Comic for 06-09-17

She’s pretty tired of that nickname.

Comic for 06-12-17

There’s a word for everything.

Comic for 06-14-17

It’s not all plagues and sieges.

Comic for 06-16-17

Clearly, someone hasn’t heard the word on ferns.

Comic for 06-19-17

When some problems grow, they grow exponentially.

Comic for 06-21-17

Not to be confused with catastrophes.

Comic for 06-23-17

Not the worst premise, I suppose.

Comic for 06-26-17

Some error messages aren’t particularly helpful.

Comic for 06-28-17

Energy efficiency is everywhere these days.

Comic for 06-30-17

Maybe this counts as an internship?