Comic for 09-01-17

Do those count as “safe haven” assets?

Comic for 09-04-17

If vinyl can make a comeback, so can those things.

Comic for 09-06-17

Sometimes, a few words say it all.

Comic for 09-08-17

That’s just marketing 101.

Comic for 09-11-17

Ah, the ol’ “Tearful Traveler Two-step” …

Comic for 09-13-17

Patience has its limits.

Comic for 09-15-17

Perhaps a nice, cool mercury poultice.

Comic for 09-18-17

Not all adventures end well.

Comic for 09-20-17

Or some doilies, at the least.

Comic for 09-22-17

It’s pretty much just booze and lavender.

Comic for 09-25-17

Ignoring a problem rarely yields a positive result.

Comic for 09-27-17

Those old buildings can be awful drafty.

Comic for 09-29-17

A reasonable conclusion.