Comic for 10-02-17

Well, that’s one box mystery solved.

Comic for 10-04-17

They are the most inviting of legumes.

Comic for 10-06-17

Little has changed, with regard to modern banking attitudes.

Comic for 10-09-17

I suppose there are worse coping strategies

Comic for 10-11-17

Some days, I get to draw very odd scenes.

Comic for 10-13-17

Local” is a bit of a vague term.

Comic for 10-16-17

Probably best to be wary of anyone with “the” in their name.

Comic for 10-18-17

Still, better than a ratty ol’ sheet, I guess.

Comic for 10-20-17

Sanity breaks are pretty great, even if you’re not being haunted by a meddlesome spirit.

Comic for 10-23-17

I’m all about the trudge.

Comic for 10-25-17

Fire and giggling are rarely a good combo.

Comic for 10-27-17

I sure hope you like wordless comics, ’cause you’re about to get a few.

Comic for 10-30-17