Comic for 11-29-17

Florists gonna … flor.

Comic for 11-27-17

She’d probably just get flower community service.

Comic for 11-24-17

It’s always good to keep your pronouns in perspective.

Comic for 11-22-17

You do you.

Comic for 11-20-17

It slices, it dices, and that’s about it.

Comic for 11-17-17

That is one comfortable cat.

Comic for 11-15-17

Ring a ting ting

Comic for 11-13-17

Ghost and Zombie” is the buddy cop show I never knew I wanted.

Comic for 11-10-17

And so the stranger is a stranger no more.

Comic for 11-08-17

Clyde is a gentle soul.

Comic for 11-06-17

So classy.

Comic for 11-03-17

There’s pale, and then there’s pale.

Comic for 11-01-17

Someone’s a generous tipper.