Comic for 12-29-17

To be fair, when’s the last time you saw a grumpy florist?

Comic for 12-27-17

In some cases, it’s less a story and more of a limerick.

Comic for 12-25-17

Something to keep in mind for the next gift-giving season.

Comic for 12-22-17

Spoiler: It is.

Comic for 12-20-17

She’s very proud of that thing.

Comic for 12-18-17

How about “advanced shenanigans?”

Comic for 12-15-17

Never tell me the odds.

Comic for 12-13-17

Looks like someone almost missed their turn.

Comic for 12-11-17

Side benefit: Free pollen.

Comic for 12-08-17

OK, maybe not everyone’s dream.

Comic for 12-06-17

Any pie in a storm, I guess.

Comic for 12-04-17

Hey, birds gotta eat.

Comic for 12-01-17

Of course, “obviously sneaky” is a bit of an oxymoron.