Comic for 01-01-18

One size does not fit all.

Comic for 01-03-18

As opposed to those who laminate for the sheer joy of it.

Comic for 01-05-18

Better than a reverse Rapunzel, I suppose.

Comic for 01-08-18

This comic brought to you by: Gloves. They’re like jeans for your hands.

Comic for 01-10-18

I think that was a purchase in search of an excuse.

Comic for 01-12-18

Taken literally, Freddie’s advice is hard to put into actual practice.

Comic for 01-15-18

Here we go

Comic for 01-17-18

Not two, not four, but three. Five is right out.

Comic for 01-19-18

Minor setbacks merit mild oaths.

Comic for 01-22-18

This mindset probably explains a lot of things, generally speaking.

Comic for 01-24-18

Every cloud has a silver lining, possibly comprised of nanobots.

Comic for 01-26-18

Besides, who doesn’t like riddles?

Comic for 01-29-18

Well, that and polar ice caps, I guess.

Comic for 01-31-18

If I had a chance to name a flower, I’d pick something like “Grumpy Bert.” So it’s probably for the best that I don’t.