Comic for 06-01-18

If things were so great, they wouldn’t have changed.

Comic for 06-04-18

The early bird is a little short on patience.

Comic for 06-06-18

Curiosity won’t kill this cat, but it might stun.

Comic for 06-08-18

Pen and paper were involved.

Comic for 06-11-18

I guess, technically, maybe we’re all food.

Comic for 06-13-18

Take your upsides where you can find them.

Comic for 06-15-18

Maybe they were mutant as well.

Comic for 06-18-18

Man, there is some online debate when it comes to grape varieties.

Comic for 06-20-18

At Viking Burger, you can have it your way … as long as you do it their way.

Comic for 06-22-18

Quarter dead ain’t half bad.

Comic for 06-25-18

Everybody’s got their own personal style.

Comic for 06-27-18

Some mysteries just nag at you.

Comic for 06-29-18

Hopefully, that cup is less flimsy than the excuse.