Comic for 08-01-18

To thine own self be true … unless you need a break or something.

Comic for 08-03-18

S’probably why they’re always snapping at things.

Comic for 08-06-18

Error: unexpected confection.

Comic for 08-08-18

If you’re going to break bread, make sure it’s fried.

Comic for 08-10-18

We could use more casual, everyday accords.

Comic for 08-13-18

Those who do not learn from history are likely to find themselves in a sticky situation.

Comic for 08-15-18

You can’t always trust labels.

Comic for 08-17-18

You can’t plan for everything.

Comic for 08-20-18

Some problems have multiple solutions.

Comic for 08-22-18

Words are sometimes unnecessary.

Comic for 08-24-18

It’s good to know your limits.

Comic for 08-27-18

Y’know, the Wikipedia entry on those little guys is a bit bleak.

Comic for 08-29-18

Or maybe some brand of raven

Comic for 08-31-18

The smiles are already artificial.