Comic for 09-03-18

Often, it’s multiple somethings.

Comic for 09-05-18

Some people are classical, others are jazz.

Comic for 09-07-18

Sometimes it’s best to just stick to the menu.

Comic for 09-10-18

The guy clearly should have brought more doughnuts.

Comic for 09-12-18

A soulful instrument, the accordion.

Comic for 09-14-18

Someone was either really bad at planning ahead, or really good.

Comic for 09-17-18

No point in letting good food go to waste.

Comic for 09-19-18

One man’s trash is another man’s culturally-significant historical artifact.

Comic for 09-21-18

Be patient with others’ passions.

Comic for 09-24-18

Some people prefer the comforts of home.

Comic for 09-26-18

And where does steampunk fit in?

Comic for 09-28-18

Extensively enjoyed? Authentically distressed?