Comic for 02-04-19

Good thing she didn’t play the drums.

Comic for 02-06-19

Sure, some people can, but they’re just showing off.

Comic for 02-08-19

The melody is up to you.

Comic for 02-11-19

Everyone needs a little help, from time to time.

Comic for 02-13-19

The briefness of a briefing is pretty subjective.

Comic for 02-15-19

Of course they use the metric system.

Comic for 02-18-19

If I were stuck in a cave full of beetles, I’d probably have issues as well.

Comic for 02-20-19

Buzz buzz buzz.

Comic for 02-22-19

Comic. Read comic.

Comic for 02-25-19

The best banjo is surprise banjo.

Comic for 02-27-19

Some pleasures are best enjoyed sparingly.

Comic for 03-01-19

Hearts gonna heart.