Comic for 03-04-19

That’s one way to save on maintenance costs.

Comic for 03-06-19

It’s also got some great electives on banjo repair.

Comic for 03-08-19

Maybe it’s “If you can’t play the violin, try the fiddle.”

Comic for 03-11-19

There was a comic

Comic for 03-13-19

These fellows bear a certain familiar resemblance …

Comic for 03-15-19

Comic. Comic comic comic.

Comic for 03-18-19

If you don’t read the manual, you might not learn all the features.

Comic for 03-20-19

I guess “alien” is a matter of perspective.

Comic for 03-22-19

Sometimes, the best course of action is inaction.

Comic for 03-25-19

Who doesn’t like helper robots?

Comic for 03-27-19

At least it’s environmentally friendly.

Comic for 03-29-19

A little good is better than none.

Comic for 04-01-19

Correlation does not imply causation.