Comic for 04-03-19

One way or another, a learning experience.

Comic for 04-05-19

It’s less of a beverage and more of an experience.

Comic for 04-08-19

Points for multitasking.

Comic for 04-10-19

That’s one battered batter.

Comic for 04-12-19

… and the knives, and the juicer, and the cheese grater

Comic for 04-15-19

Kate enjoys a good crime drama, same as anyone.

Comic for 04-17-19

Whatever the activity, someone’s probably injured themselves at it, somehow.

Comic for 04-19-19

No doubt, someone is really missing those things.

Comic for 04-22-19

Sometimes, even the sweetest gestures can prove a little hard to swallow.

Comic for 04-24-19

“New boat, who dis?”

Comic for 04-26-19

Don’t push a good deed to its limit.

Comic for 04-29-19

The customer is sometimes wrong.

Comic for 05-01-19

Maybe call it a vintage wind instrument, instead.