Comic for 05-03-19

They say if you like frozen yogurt, then you must be a person of culture.

Comic for 05-06-19

Well, you can’t hustle forever.

Comic for 05-08-19

I don’t think they’ll be letting that go anytime soon.

Comic for 05-10-19

Sometimes, old friends know you too well.

Comic for 05-13-19

Pretty sure that counter has a maximum occupancy, anyhow.

Comic for 05-15-19

Sounds like a pretty big gesture.

Comic for 05-17-19

Down with the deep!

Comic for 05-20-19

Owen’s a font of dubious musical knowledge.

Comic for 05-22-19

Or perhaps really good at improvising.

Comic for 05-24-19

So shines a good deed in a flammable world.

Comic for 05-27-19

Cue dramatic organ music.

Comic for 05-29-19

It’d be awful boring to be only one thing all the time.

Comic for 05-31-19

Few folks ever attain such rarefied hair.