Comic for 06-03-19

An imposing pair, to be sure.

Comic for 06-05-19

Might be a pretty slim margin, though.

Comic for 06-07-19

Really, inappropriately might be better.

Comic for 06-10-19

Scavengers come in all forms.

Comic for 06-12-19

Some details matter more than others.

Comic for 06-14-19

Then again, rules aren’t very punk, either.

Comic for 06-17-19

Some hands are more helpful than others.

Comic for 06-19-19

Everyone needs a little “me” time.

Comic for 06-21-19

Some mysteries are best left unsolved.

Comic for 06-24-19

A few naps later

Comic for 06-26-19

Maybe not the greatest local feature.

Comic for 06-28-19

Some say clothes make the man; others, that The Man makes the clothes.

Comic for 07-01-19

Feel free to imagine a sweet guitar riff playing.