Comic for 08-02-19

Some prefer to keep themselves to themself.

Comic for 08-05-19

Being helpful is rarely a glamorous thing.

Comic for 08-07-19

A little bit of redundancy never hurt.

Comic for 08-09-19

Always keep an eye out for new opportunities.

Comic for 08-12-19

If it works, it works.

Comic for 08-14-19

Foresight? More like boresight.

Comic for 08-16-19

Overall, a net win.

Comic for 08-19-19


Comic for 08-21-19

Major crimes get minor keys.

Comic for 08-23-19

Probably should’ve thrown in a few random numbers, just to be safe.

Comic for 08-26-19

Maybe they’re just being eco-friendly.

Comic for 08-28-19

Way better than a fight club.

Comic for 08-30-19

Oh man.