Comic for 11-04-19

Some things can’t be rushed, but it’s worth a shot.

Comic for 11-06-19

The mystery, much like the bruise, will linger.

Comic for 11-08-19

I’m sure there’s a market for it.

Comic for 11-11-19

Someone’s been burned by one too many reboots.

Comic for 11-13-19

Whatever you do, don’t bring too much of the past into the future; it’s there for a reason.

Comic for 11-15-19

As mishaps go, it wouldn’t be the most glamorous.

Comic for 11-18-19

You can probably blame them for some things.

Comic for 11-20-19

Clearly, that photo is from the BC era (before cap).

Comic for 11-22-19

Good friends will often provide a unique brand of comfort.

Comic for 11-25-19

At the very least, it’s a clever excuse.

Comic for 11-27-19

Of course it is.

Comic for 11-29-19

Both problems would probably be helped by a good, long soak.