Comic for 12-02-19

I know I’d tune in.

Comic for 12-04-19

Turns out, there’s a few other things that you can’t hurry.

Comic for 12-06-19

Sometimes you need a little push (or carry).

Comic for 12-09-19

As acts of contrition go, it’s a classic.

Comic for 12-11-19

As old as roller derbies, at least.

Comic for 12-13-19

Sometimes, a little nostalgia is justified.

Comic for 12-16-19

Maybe, maybe not.

Comic for 12-18-19

Any instrument can be percussion, if you’re so inclined.

Comic for 12-20-19

Sometimes, things happen.

Comic for 12-23-19

The legend begins.

Comic for 12-25-19

Hair today, gone tomorrow.

Comic for 12-27-19

That’s what backup does.

Comic for 12-30-19

What other sound would it make, really?

Comic for 01-01-20

There’s no D-9 that homonyms can make things confusing.