Comic for 07-03-20

Sometimes you’re a victim of your own success.

Comic for 07-06-20

The heart (and occasionally, stomach) wants what it wants.

Comic for 07-08-20

A useful tip, to be sure.

Comic for 07-10-20

Not everyone cares for a sticky UI.

Comic for 07-13-20

Not a bad choice, for those concerned with time management.

Comic for 07-15-20

One can go down quite the rabbit hole when researching these things.

Comic for 07-17-20

Being on the outs is in.

Comic for 07-20-20

As TL;DRs go, that probably covers a few millennia, at least.

Comic for 07-22-20

Points for honesty?

Comic for 07-24-20

A healthier alternative, and hardly ever any need for a bouncer.

Comic for 07-27-20

The act of liaising can be a delicate art.

Comic for 07-29-20

Some goals are destined to remain aspirational.

Comic for 07-31-20

Apparently, the juice isn’t the only thing that’s fresh.