Comic for 01-03-22

Decorations are optional, but recommended.

Comic for 01-05-22

Also, fruit baskets are delicious.

Comic for 01-07-22

Be sure to wear comfortable shoes.

Comic for 01-10-22

Sometimes, praxis is tasty.

Comic for 01-12-22

Hey, counter space comes at a premium.

Comic for 01-14-22

Nobody likes a dried-out burrito.

Comic for 01-17-22

Silences are only awkward if you allow them to be.

Comic for 01-19-22

Sounds like a pretty chill lifestyle, honestly.

Comic for 01-21-22

We need some sort of antonym for nostalgia.

Comic for 01-24-22

Time is relative, especially when it’s inconvenient.

Comic for 01-26-22

Extra credit isn’t always worth the trouble.

Comic for 01-28-22

I guess a lot depends on the current inclinations of any pesky armadas.

Comic for 01-31-22

The truest bonds often come at a cost.