Comic for 01-02-23

Actions speak louder, but words are still nice sometimes.

Comic for 01-04-23

I’m not sure if there’s a word for feeling nostalgic over an unrealized future, but there probably should be.

Comic for 01-06-23

Sometimes you’ve just got to go where the music takes you.

Comic for 01-09-23

An object in motion isn’t always happy about it.

Comic for 01-11-23

Some people can’t resist a (mostly) blank canvas.

Comic for 01-13-23

Love is a burning thing.

Comic for 01-16-23

Whenever you have an idea that involves combustion, maybe take a beat.

Comic for 01-18-23

There are some problems fire can solve.

Comic for 01-20-23

You can’t really have a PDA unless someone’s willing to be the P.

Comic for 01-23-23

Occasionally, chance favors the unprepared.

Comic for 01-25-23

Absence makes the cat grow feral.

Comic for 01-27-23

Extra, extra! Peckish Passenger Partakes of Possibly Pilfered Poultry!

Comic for 01-30-23

A good baker makes the most of what’s available.

Comic for 02-01-23

Can’t stop, won’t stop.