Comic for 07-02-08

It’d be hard, though, with so few rhymes for “chicken.”

Comic for 07-04-08

In honor of the holiday, today’s comic features the colors red, white, and blue (mainly by accident… and it’s more of an off-white. Just roll with it.).

Comic for 07-07-08

… are tastier than burnt.

Comic for 07-09-08

That was a fun one to draw.

Comic for 07-11-08

Me, I’m more of a light sleeper.

Comic for 07-14-08

They have very stylish uniforms.

Comic for 07-16-08

If nobody knows, it’s hard to celebrate.

Comic for 07-18-08

Some tan, some freckle.

Comic for 07-21-08

Some folks are simply born to lead.

Comic for 07-23-08

Whatever Lily wants, Lily gets.

Comic for 07-25-08

Sometimes, enthusiasm begets disaster.

Comic for 07-28-08

It most certainly is not my thing.

Comic for 07-30-08

You gotta learn to pick your battles.