Comic for 07-01-09

Oddly enough, the natural kind lasts longer than the artificial.

Comic for 07-03-09

I guess frosted muffins are just poseurs?

Comic for 07-06-09

If you’re interested in trying out panel one, you might want to hold off looking at panel two.

Comic for 07-08-09

Viking Burger only offers portions in “large,” “giant” and “Grendel.”

Comic for 07-10-09

Really, both are fine, in moderation.

Comic for 07-13-09

He has his moments.

Comic for 07-15-09

And for me, it’s been a weird day.

Comic for 07-17-09

I’d link to the one in question, but it’s more fun if you look for yourself. Fun for me, at least.

Comic for 07-20-09

Oompa Loompa doompa-dee do, I’ve got another comic for you (this might help, if you’re feeling lost).

Comic for 07-22-09

Perhaps not so appealing to the ticklish.

Comic for 07-24-09

Come for the coffee, stay for the banter.

Comic for 07-27-09

… and who could resist?

Comic for 07-29-09

O, the perils of people who know you too well.

Comic for 07-31-09

Those were pretty much all the ones I could come up with.