Comic for 04-30-10

Some prefer to live in the moment.

Comic for 04-28-10

Who’s to judge?

Comic for 04-26-10


Comic for 04-23-10

Poor thing.

Comic for 04-21-10

Klaatu … verata … n … necktie.

Comic for 04-19-10

It’s the saving grace of those with awkward smiles.

Comic for 04-16-10

She puts the “arr” in “monarch.”

Comic for 04-14-10

Such are the mysterious ways of the North.

Comic for 04-12-10

… and it’ll probably stay that way.

Comic for 04-09-10

Good luck trying to emigrate.

Comic for 04-07-10

They do have a habit of leading one into trouble.

Comic for 04-05-10

Be careful how you sling your slang.

Comic for 04-02-10

Probably won’t be many summer blockbusters based around these.