Comic for 05-02-11

Some things are best left to the experts.

Comic for 05-04-11

I now know more about these guys than I ever really wanted.

Comic for 05-06-11


Comic for 05-09-11

Bird is the word.

Comic for 05-11-11

Made with organic honeysuckle!

Comic for 05-13-11

Fun fact: zoos feed them a special additive to keep ’em that color.

Comic for 05-16-11

What is one supposed to use?

Comic for 05-18-11

Don’t answer that.

Comic for 05-20-11

The sauce, not the varmint.

Comic for 05-23-11

If you can’t say something nice

Comic for 05-25-11

Sorry, vegans.

Comic for 05-27-11

You know, the ones that carry seven kinds of lettuce.

Comic for 05-30-11

Just because they haven’t been discovered yet, doesn’t mean they don’t exist.