Comic for 09-30-11

Liability, shmiability.

Comic for 10-03-11

What’s a little misdirection between friends?

Comic for 10-05-11

Ah, strip malls.

Comic for 10-07-11

Probably not.

Comic for 10-10-11

So. Many. Biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiikes.

Comic for 10-12-11

I refer you to the case of “Finders v. Keepers.”

Comic for 10-14-11

At Wendell’s Bicycles, they treat you like family.

Comic for 10-17-11

It’s probably cleaner.

Comic for 10-19-11

If you don’t ask questions, you’ll never learn.

Comic for 10-21-11

So many to choose from.

Comic for 10-24-11

Someone’s found a new home.

Comic for 10-26-11

When both are in short supply, try duct tape.

Comic for 10-28-11

Note: Don’t go digging through boxes labeled “used forks” unless you’re certain of what you’ll find.