Comic for 12-03-12

No tip for this delivery.

Comic for 12-05-12

A most unlikely pair of kindred spirits.

Comic for 12-07-12

It sure makes for more efficient eating.

Comic for 12-10-12

I think in real life, it’s just called paranoia.

Comic for 12-12-12

Everyone always assumes they’ll be a survivor.

Comic for 12-14-12

Seriously, try the chip thing.

Comic for 12-17-12

They probably keep it in the attic.

Comic for 12-19-12

It’s probably for the best.

Comic for 12-21-12

Or maybe just watch more anime.

Comic for 12-24-12

Viv made the hats.

Comic for 12-26-12

Better living through chemistry.

Comic for 12-28-12

When in doubt, apply more tape.

Comic for 12-31-12

A friend in need is still liable to make fun of you.