Comic for 03-01-13

That sounds like the name of an SUV.

Comic for 03-04-13

The comic turned 10 years old yesterday! It’s a little weird to think about, really.

Comic for 03-06-13

This eliminates “spy,” “magician,” and “magician spy” from the list of career options.

Comic for 03-08-13

That would be a pretty sweet deal, though.

Comic for 03-11-13

Maiden” might be a bit of a stretch.

Comic for 03-13-13

Consider this a helpful safety reminder.

Comic for 03-15-13

This one goes out to Laika.

Comic for 03-18-13

Well, figuratively speaking.

Comic for 03-20-13

I think I legit want one of those.

Comic for 03-22-13

I hereby dub that mug “The Gobblet.”

Comic for 03-25-13

Tempus fugit.

Comic for 03-27-13

Good thing they didn’t go with bran.

Comic for 03-29-13

It’s sort of a semi-spontaneous combustion.