Comic for 07-01-13

“Subject: Nope Nope Nope.”

Comic for 07-03-13

Screen names are kind of like cat names, but for people.

Comic for 07-05-13

A judicious choice of adjectives can really dull the edges.

Comic for 07-08-13

I’m not sure that’s how that works.

Comic for 07-10-13

Cats are pretty flexible about this sort of thing.

Comic for 07-12-13

Sometimes, you need to do a little outsourcing.

Comic for 07-15-13

There’s this wheel, see, and it’s covered with boxes …

Comic for 07-17-13

Every P.I. needs a sidekick.

Comic for 07-19-13

Sometimes, an inner monologue should stay that way.

Comic for 07-22-13

Adequate potassium intake is important.

Comic for 07-24-13

On the other hand, in both cases, less effort is required.

Comic for 07-26-13

It’s not.

Comic for 07-29-13

Really not the best sales pitch.

Comic for 07-31-13

Sometimes, a person gets a craving.