Comic for 08-30-13

Well, it’s an improvement.

Comic for 08-28-13

They’re for everyone’s benefit, really.

Comic for 08-26-13

That’s a whole different kind of preemptive strike.

Comic for 08-23-13

It was fresh at one point, at least.

Comic for 08-21-13

Although, I guess one way or another, that would resolve the problem.

Comic for 08-19-13

He chides because he cares.

Comic for 08-16-13

Really, that’s a question everyone should reflect on.

Comic for 08-14-13

If you do something that’s only partly for yourself, does that make it selfish-ish?

Comic for 08-12-13

If things look a little off, it’s because the computer I normally use to make the comic recently expired in a cloud of acrid smoke.

Comic for 08-09-13

Sometimes, subtext lies pretty close to the surface.

Comic for 08-07-13

Or both, even. She’s flexible.

Comic for 08-05-13

But not too much, because that would just be weird.

Comic for 08-02-13

Some conflicts are easier to resolve than others.