Comic for 09-02-13

Like a chameleon.

Comic for 09-04-13

It was probably more like a series of mental grunts.

Comic for 09-06-13

Foul” seems a bit harsh …

Comic for 09-09-13

Someone’s responding well to treatment.

Comic for 09-11-13

Viv, on the other hand, is just being polite.

Comic for 09-13-13

It’s good to have a creative outlet.

Comic for 09-16-13

No sense in letting it all go to waste.

Comic for 09-18-13

One person’s warning sign is another’s selling point.

Comic for 09-20-13

Plus, the footwear has got to be more comfortable.

Comic for 09-23-13

An appropriate comic for a Monday.

Comic for 09-25-13

To each their own.

Comic for 09-27-13

Gotta pick your battles.

Comic for 09-30-13

Small kindnesses matter.