Comic for 11-02-15

It’s easier than it sounds.

Comic for 11-04-15

There is, surprisingly, an awful lot of information out there on whisks.

Comic for 11-06-15

Sinister, but tasty.

Comic for 11-09-15

At least it’s a fancy job title.

Comic for 11-11-15

Infamy sometimes leads to less-than-great nicknames, and vice versa.

Comic for 11-13-15

Bakers can be choosers?

Comic for 11-16-15

Old grudges, unlike houseplants, die hard.

Comic for 11-18-15

Gotta appreciate the little victories.

Comic for 11-20-15

Maybe don’t follow every metaphor to its conclusion.

Comic for 11-23-15

Mmm, sushi.

Comic for 11-25-15

Maybe they’re just really good hot dogs.

Comic for 11-27-15

They’re like zoos for books.

Comic for 11-30-15