Comic for 12-30-15

Technically, that might be two steps.

Comic for 12-28-15

And maybe a little optimism?

Comic for 12-25-15

It can’t always be puzzles and salt fights.

Comic for 12-23-15

A little goes a long way.

Comic for 12-21-15

Kill ‘em with kindness.

Comic for 12-18-15

As remedies go, it’s effective, but not recommended.

Comic for 12-16-15

Slow and ghastly wins the race, mainly via nausea.

Comic for 12-14-15

Everything starts somewhere.

Comic for 12-11-15

Sometimes wisdom comes well-worn.

Comic for 12-09-15

It would take a pretty strong breeze.

Comic for 12-07-15

But the memory, much like the stain, was long-lasting.

Comic for 12-04-15

Not to be confused with celebration nachos, which are identical, but somehow taste better.

Comic for 12-02-15

Both are, perhaps, a little over-romanticized.