Comic for 10-02-19

Or would it be queendom? Either way, best to stay on their good side.

Comic for 10-04-19

It’s always in the back.

Comic for 10-07-19

You never know when you’ll need a quality rock.

Comic for 10-09-19

At least it wasn’t rocks.

Comic for 10-11-19

You gotta moderate your delving.

Comic for 10-14-19

Maybe they just hate standing in lines.

Comic for 10-16-19

Unless you’re blocking. Then it’s kind of the opposite.

Comic for 10-18-19

Use it or lose it.

Comic for 10-21-19

It’s a gift.

Comic for 10-23-19

And why mess up that hair with a helmet?

Comic for 10-25-19

The feeling is, perhaps, less than mutual.

Comic for 10-28-19

Exercise is a fine way to relieve tension.

Comic for 10-30-19

The code could use a few revisions, honestly.

Comic for 11-01-19

Fruit baskets are pretty great, though.