Comic for 01-03-20

Honestly, they’re pretty sick of hearing it by now, anyway.

Comic for 01-06-20

If I had to guess: Hadrian’s and Pink Floyd’s.

Comic for 01-08-20

Everyone deserves a break now and then.

Comic for 01-10-20

Call it a bonus.

Comic for 01-13-20

Not my scene, but to each their own.

Comic for 01-15-20

What’s not to like?

Comic for 01-17-20

Achievement unlocked: Broadened Horizons.

Comic for 01-20-20

Be the change you want to see?

Comic for 01-22-20

A little goes a long way.

Comic for 01-24-20

It’s less of a dress code and more of a dress notion.

Comic for 01-27-20

A valiant effort, though.

Comic for 01-29-20

Your mileage may vary.

Comic for 01-31-20

Surprises are overrated.